French channels. Online tv

French channels
ART Channel (artistic)
Astro Center (astrology)
ASTV (local television of Grande-Synthe)
Bloomberg french
C9TV (information)
Calais TV (Local television of calais)
Canal Savoir (education)
CAP 24 (Entertainment)
Channel 8 (Entertainment)
CitEvents 24 (Movies and celebrity)
Clap TV (global tv channel)
C-Pac 1 (Canadian Government channel)
France 2 (Tv shows & news)
France 3 (Global tv channel)
France 24 (news)
ASTV (bulletin board)
IDF1 (variety)
Inraci (cultural)
ITele (international news)
Kinweb (music videos)
KTO (religious)
Labelle TV (music)
LC2 International (music)
LCN (news)
Liberty TV (variety)
Lusophonie (music)
Mulivan TV (music show and videos)
NetGaming (video games)
French channels
NRJ Dance (dance music)
NRJ Groove (groove music)
NRJ Hits (music)
NRJ Paris (Tv episodes, music shows)
NRJ Pop Rock (music)
Orange Sport TV (sport)
PG24 (gaming)
Richard King TV (music)
RTG (news, religious)
Seven Hip Hop (music videos)
Senat (politic)
Tele 102 (local channel)
Tele KFM (religious channel)
Tele Lyon Métropole
Tele Night (music, clubbing)
TelePlaiz (music)
TLM (variety)
TMF (music videos)
TV 7 (music videos)
TV 8 Mont Blanc
TV Argent (economic)
TVA (global tv channel)
TVSF (music, fashion)
Video Click (various videos - humor)
Zahra (information)


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